Sonica Sarna herself represents everything that Loskey is about – women’s empowerment, and ethical and sustainable production.  As an Indian woman, she is breaking the cultural norms by starting her own business in cooperation with her family’s factory.  She has a deep and personal commitment to organic fabrics, artisanal design and women’s empowerment and training through her amazing #projecthrive initiative - a sewing centre for at-risk women from the slums of New Delhi aiming to empower women with no socio-economic opportunities.

Sonica is able to offer textiles and artisanal techniques from a reliable network of over 40 artisan communities that she has personally trained and brought to the international market.  Her ambition in working with these artisans is clear:

1) Stable employment for vulnerable artisan communities living below the poverty line, especially women.

2) Education and healthcare for the artisans’ children, giving them a chance at a better future.

3) Preservation of eco-friendly craft and community practices and prevention of urban migration, trafficking and begging

She has also worked with us to help tell the story of our Loskey tees and their makers, helping us to track the impact that our initiatives have.  We are honoured to be working with a partner that is so clearly aligned with Loskey’s ambitions and purpose.

Learn more about Sonica at Sonica Sarna Design