Emile is a remotely working E-commerce Designer and Developer. With a background in fashion marketing, she found her love and passion for online stores, where graphic design collides with commerce. Having worked for a number of big fashion labels Emile has decided to take a step forward and start her own business as a Freelance E-commerce designer.

‘Being a female in a male-driven industry isn’t a piece of cake, however, that’s one of the challenges that I enjoy the most and seeing more and more women getting into so-called ‘geeky’ or ‘manly’ careers such as web design and coding is really inspiring and liberating. At the moment I am working from Bali island together with over 300 other freelancers/remote workers in one of the co-working hubs out here. Indonesia is one of the most populated places in the world and environmental issues is a big topic here. More awareness is being raised, people are becoming more cautious about what and how they consume, including the fashion industry.  I am beyond excited to be a part of Loskey Women. Knowing that I am working for an ethical and environmentally cautious brand that empowers women and battles sustainability issues makes me very happy and proud.’ says Emile.

You can get to know Emile better by visiting her page Storee Studio