The Elhrino team are dung paper makers working in the Assam forest in the Northeast Corner of India.  Here’s their mission in their own words:

‘We are working to support the conservation of the Great One-Horned Rhinoceros and the Indian Elephant, as well as the remote forests of Assam in north-eastern India where they live. 

'We use rhinoceros and elephant dung along with other forest waste to produce high quality, hand crafted paper which is both tree-free and harmful chemical-free.

'Our goal is to connect the wellbeing of these endangered animals with the welfare of local communities, effectively deterring man-animal conflicts and preserving the forests.

'When you buy our paper, you give the people of Assam a reason to save these beautiful animals and participate in sustainable development.

'It gives us great pleasure to bring a piece of these forests into your home, all in perfect harmony with the ecosystem and digestive system!’

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