Karen has a first-class BA degree from the London Central School of Art, and an MA from St Martin’s School of Art.  For the last 25 years, she has worked as a consultant researching consumer, lifestyle and fashion trends and developing product, brand and colour directives for retailers and manufacturers globally.

Karen is also the creator and founder of the jewellery brand Lucas and Stone, which focuses on colour, her core skill and passion. She has now handed the day-to-day running of the business over, so she can focus on the role of Creative Director and maintain her work as a brand consultant.

Karen worked with Lori to create a brand identity and image for Loskey.

“I loved working with Lori helping to develop Loskey.  She has a clear view of how her brand could fill a niche in the market, offering tees that are great quality, with the perfect fit at reasonable prices. That wasn’t the only thing Lori wanted to achieve -- the tees also had to be ethically and sustainably produced and made by women in a bid to help empower women in the workplace. It was and still is a big dream, but I knew from the moment we first spoke that Lori would make this work”

Get a glimpse of Karen's colour inspiration by visiting Lucas and Stone.