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Why a White Tee is 'the' Wardrobe Essential

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with the classic white tee.  The love comes from the fact that a great fitting white tee can be the essential that completes any outfit, any time of year.  The hate comes from the fact that I have been on a lifelong quest to find the ‘perfect’ one, which has sometimes felt like hunting for a mythical, one-horned creature.  But let’s start with the love…why do I, and so many others, covet the classic white tee?

I have read many articles over the years that have peddled the idea of women needing to suffer for fashion.  Whether that meant tottering in heels that were just too high, or wearing styles that made breathing difficult, it was all in the cause of making a style statement.  Well, I believe that style and comfort should be synonymous, and there’s nothing I love putting on more than a well-made t-shirt.  I also believe that the chicest outfits are crafted from a collection of pared-down essentials.  And they often start with the white tee.

We’ve designed our Loskey white tees with just that mind – as the building block to any look and any style.  It’s not just about saving time for our Loskey women by providing a no-brainer, go-to essential that makes her look and feel great whenever she wears it.  It’s about our commitment to sustainability, and that our white tee, be it the High Scoop or the Classic V, can be worn so many ways time and again.  It can be the (white) chameleon of your cupboard.

Here our wonderful model Minky demonstrates the range of our High Scoop tee in Brilliant White.  The first is how we often think of the tee – a casual essential that we throw on with jeans or stylish casual trousers, as shown here worn untucked and paired with our favourite Twig Track Pants

However, like any classic essential, our tee has range.  It looks equally fabulous paired with a skirt and chunky cardigan, a style that is perfect as we enter autumn:

But perhaps our favourite look of all is our High Scoop paired with a blazer and palazzo trousers.  It’s a look that can be worn to the office, but exudes style, and most importantly, comfort.


All these looks sum up my love for the classic white tee – it truly can be worn with anything, and its crisp whiteness adds a touch of elegance to even the most casual outfit.  I did start this post with the concept that my lifelong relationship with this particular article of clothing has been love/hate – the hate emanating from my ability to never find the perfect one.  That’s precisely why I decided to make the perfect one.  The hunt is over, and now it’s nothing but love.

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