Lucy has started university.  When not busy studying or working at a local pub, you can find Lucy horse riding.  Not only is she an experienced and accomplished equestrian, but she also started her own equine photography business at the tender age of 15, which we think is pretty amazing.  You can read more about her business here: Lucy Cunningham | Equine Photography

Here's a bit more about Lucy in her own words:

'When I got Lori’s email asking me to write a few paragraphs about myself, my first response was ‘Oh hell, I am A W F U L at talking about myself!’ so naturally, I asked my best friend, who is like a sister to me, if she could describe me in a few words. She replied within a few minutes, and I was chuffed she got back to me so quickly, but then I read her text: ‘Ginger and annoying’. Typical. But I can’t exactly say that she’s wrong, (I mean I would have added ‘burger connoisseur’ but you know whatever) so you got me there mate!  I am lucky enough to be surrounded by amazing women (and men!) in my close circle of friends and family who inspire me and make me laugh every day. Lori is one of them, and I was so excited and honoured when she asked if I could help her out with doing some modelling for Loskey. It really is a great brand with the simple goal of empowering and supporting women, something I really agree with, and the t-shirts really are lovely and such good quality. I cannot wait to see how it blossoms and turns into something that everyone will be talking about.'